Face it, riot doesn't care about balance.

This game gets worse by the month and i'm here to whine. Literally no comeback mechanic whatsoever. One of your teammates died? Oh well looks like the match is lost because now they will just keep dying because it's impossible to kill the enemy now. The enemy team got a drake? Looks like they'll be getting the rest of them too because they're now much stronger. Your team has lower champ level than the enemy team? Better make those minions stronger so it's easier to push for them. ON TO THE NEXT PART. Skillshots? Nah i'll just play fizz and auto attack everyone to death. But you are rewarded for hitting a skillshot right? Guess again, my skillshots deal the same amount of dmg like the point and click spells(hello annie). Okay okay okay, i guess i can "outplay" you right? YEA YOU CAN, EVERY 5 MINUTES WHEN YOUR FLASH IS UP. What about items, are they balanced? Hell yea, go full tank or ATLEAST tanky and win the game, the more tanks you have, the higher chance you have to win. NOW MY BIGGEST ISSUE. TALIYAH. I main taliayh now and you know what? Riot can't create playable champs. Max Q? Sure if you wanna cast one spell every 2 minutes in lane. Max E? Sure if you can hit your w, which is literally impossible against good players. Go full cdr? Nope can't even spam Qs during a teamfight because you run out of ground. Go full pen? Nope, miss one spell and you're done. Go Tanky? HELL YEA META TIME, ALSO DON'T FORGET THAT RYLAI BECAUSE IT'S IMPOSSIBLE TO HIT W OTHERWISE. Mods won't read this anyway, nor anyone higher. SO COME AT ME "PLAYERS", SHOOT YOUR ARGUMENTS, COME ON.
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