Game is terrible right now

My friends.. i CANNOT enjoy league of legends anymore and its not because im overall exhausted or do not want to play ,but rather that in every single game i am reminded that the balancing of the game is so bad right now to be precise its the strong meta picks which often win you a game in champ select unless they are banned. Imagine this case i am playing xin zao vs a jax i build trinity titanic and the red-health jungler item +40 armor ,now this jax has trinity and titanic and tabis would think that im inhead in items right? And if i jump jax while he has not stacked his passive i should be able to win ....hell no i can drop my red smite and my r and i still get demolished while jax takes not even 40% of his hp as damage ....and this is what i call losing in champ select ->if the enemy team has a jax or a tryndamere or a jhin and zyra or fizz these days its almost determined that you will lose the game .......people stopped playing the champs which they enjoyed long ago and started to play these meta picks just to hard grind lp and try so hard to win and riot has done nothing about that ....i get that there are always and have always been favoured champs which would get picked more frequently but this is actially insane right if i think about what to ban do my team has a real chance to win im often in trouble already because right now there are more things that are when played SOLO (without any other team combo ) so strong that you NEED to ban them and 5 bans per team is not enough to deal with this
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