Aatrox Rework (An Aatrox player's interpretation.)

Okay guys, so it's about time someone did a post that details a players interpretation of how Aatrox should be reworked. I've had a few dreamy idea's floating around my head that I have finally gotten time to put down. The overall Idea of this rework is to shove him into viability, yet keep his play style along the same line, as someone who can either drain others health to fill his own. Or someone who can drain his own to ruin others. But unfortunately... This isn't usable in it's current format, so it needs a few alterations and, well, downright buffing in some areas, a compromise on riots part if you will. This will be done in the usual list of skills and their new effects. **Passive - Blood Well: ** ~~Aatrox gains 0.3% - 0.55% (based on level) bonus attack speed for every 1% in his Blood Well, up to a maximum of 30% - 55% (based on level) bonus attack speed.~~ >> Every time he drains his own health, Aatrox gains a surge of attack speed for 2 seconds (30% - 60% scaling with level) This has no cooldown and is refreshed every time he spends his own health. ~~Upon taking fatal damage, Aatrox is cleansed of all debuffs, enters stasis and drains his Blood Well, healing himself over the next 3 seconds~~ >> Upon taking fatal damage, Aatrox is cleansed of all debuffs, enters stasis and drains his Blood Well, healing himself over the next 1 second. Upon exiting this stasis the cooldowns on his minor skills are reset and he is granted CC immunity for 2 seconds. >A rather simple change, aimed at improving the passive in a way we all feel it needs improving, his attack speed gain is now no longer reliant on preparing for a battle, rather more working hand in hand with his reworked W. Everyone has asked for some form of Immunity after his stasis has ended, and in no way would I deny that is a requirement. I also felt reducing the timed delay of his stasis would be a healthy option, for both allies and enemies alike._ **Q - Dark Flight:** ~~Aatrox dashes to the target area after a brief delay, dealing physical damage to nearby units upon landing and Airborne icon knocking up all units in the epicenter for 1 second.~~ >> Aatrox dashes to the target area after a brief delay, dealing physical damage to nearby units upon landing and knocking up all units for 1 second. Aatrox becomes CC immune for the duration of this ability. From the moment it activates, to the moment he lands. This ability how ever CANNOT be used whilst you are currently cc'd. >Another much needed change, as it is his only method of getting into a fight and it is on a relatively large cooldown, it is a very easy ability to intercept and its usage is that obvious it kinda counters itself I don't understand why only the epicenter knocks up, since it is his only hard cc skill it is in no way comparative to other champions._ **W - Blood Thirst/Blood Price:** This ability is no longer a toggled ability. Instead it has been split into two seperate abilities, a passive component and an active component. They are as follows: PASSIVE: BLOOD THIRST: Aatrox heals himself every third hit for 20/25/30/35/40 (+25% bonus AD) While Aatrox is below 50% maximum health, the heal is tripled. At level 11, this passive will heal Aatrox every two auto attacks instead. This ability no longer interacts with the Sated Devourer enchantment. This ability will not stack upon attacking a turret. ACTIVE: BLOOD PRICE: Aatrox consumes 20% of his current health to deal 60/95/130/165/200 (+ 100% bonus AD) physical damage to the last target he has attacked if they are within a slightly extended melee range. This ability can be used on turrets. This ability is classified as an auto-targeted ability now, and not an on hit ability, nor an auto attack reset tool. Similar to Evelynn's hate spike, it does not interrupt attack animations or spell use.. The animation will be a shadow of Aatrox extending from himself performing the current Blood Price strike. Similiar to the animation that Sated Devourer has. The cooldown of the active component is not timed in seconds, rather in attacks. After each use Aatrox must attack three times in order to use it again. This ability no longer interacts with Sated Devourer. >This is the main change of this entire post, designed in a way that allows him to actually use the damage component of this ability without sacrificing the only survivability that he has, whilst keeping its current feel and allowing the player to choose whether it's active or not. Done in a method that is supposed to punish him for missuse in the early game when he doesn't have enough lifesteal to compensate for steady usage. But allow him to become a monster toward the end of the game when it's cost is nearly nullified. I also adjusted how often the passive component will activate at its max rank, because as most of us know, Sated Devourer affects this ability and increases its active time to apply every two attacks, though in my experience of it applying every two auto attacks, I still didn't feel anywhere near as strong as the other champions I play in top or in the jungle throughout all stages of the game. **E - Blades of torment: ** Currently in progress. **Ultimate - Massacre**: Aatrox now additionally slows all champions affected by 50% for several seconds, any minions or monsters that are affected are feared AWAY from Aatrox for the duration instead. Does not effect The rift herald, Baron, or dragon. > This Utility boost allows Aatrox and his team to capitalize on his ultimate, rather than it just being a meh version of Yi's Ultimate. It can now be used when face diving to help secure damage, and as a tool to clear the way when fighting among minions or monsters. > And that's my take on improving Aatrox, How do you guys feel about my ideas?

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