A Little Suggestion To Make Blitzcrank a little more convenient

So , we have all been in game as or with a Blitzcrank who starts unintentionally (most of the time) last hitting minions with his ult's passive . Also , this particular part of his passive can be hindering to a blitz player as his ult ticks really have no synergy with boots of mobility for example . I mean , it could ruin his engage if it hits a minion or ruin his escape if he accidentally hits the scuttle crab in the river etc . Some time Ago , they changed the effect of Bami's cinder so it wouldn't get you in unwanted jungle monsters attention . * What i actually thought of is the following : instead of having Blitzcrank generate random lighting arcs every X seconds he could have a stacking system where he stacks charges of these arcs in or out of combat to use them in combat to empower either his W spell or R spell (or both) . It works as such : 1. While Blitz is in overdrive his basic attacks deal X additional damage and expend 1 charge per auto ( the idea is more sustained damage over time ). 2. Additionally , Blitzcrank can cast his R to deal his base+AP damage plus X damage per ult stack ( more burst damage ? but base damage nerfs may be in order ) . So , what do you guys think about this ? is it plausible , completely broken or utterly garbage ? Please do let me know . Thank you for taking time to read this post and sorry for my English if it's not the best :)
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