What's going on with Lux?

First of all, calm down Lux mains. I recently played against Lux, and it was horrible. I used to play Lux a lot, but she wasn't even close as how she is now. It was the typical low elo Lux, missing all the skillshots and stuff, but when she got to lvl 6 she landed a max range Q (where the animation is already faded, Riot pls fix) and instakilled me with Q-R (I was at 85% HP). Is this how Lux is meant to be? Is this how an AP mage should do now? I don't know man, I feel like they should poke until they can combo the enemy down, until half HP or so. I haven't played League a lot recently and Mid is the lane I like the least, so I don't know if other AP casters also instakill. Has Lux experienced an _Ultimate Skin Buff_? I'm not trying to make this post a salt battle in comments, I just want to know if other meta AP Mages apart from Syndra also instakill. Waiting for answers! Edit: What a shitty community. I write a friendly post just to get assholes in comments underestimating other's skills.
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