Removing Smite buffs

...Why? There wasn't anything wrong with them. All you're doing is making jungle a clusterfuck of confusion once again. It's not a wonder junglers get blamed for everything because with all these **awful** "updates" you release every patch they have no fucking idea what the hell they're supposed to do. What is the point of removing these buffs, you're killing your own game. **STOP REMOVING MY CHICKENS YOU SICK BASTARDS I'VE LOVED THEM FROM THE DAY THEY ARRIVED STOP TRYING TO DESTROY MY FAMILY ;(** No but seriously, why do they feel the need to change jungle 24/7 at the end of every bloody season, jungle isn't even in a bad position at the moment, and once again, it's being changed. Also. Removal of vision buffs. Seriously? Those were incredibly useful. Why would you remove them?! What do you think of this new "update"? It's pretty clear that I hate it, but I'm interested as to what the rest of the community thinks, is this a stupid decision? Do you even care? Do you think it's not an issue? **Let's keep this a clean conversation, insulting people for a matter of opinion is boring.** Edit: Also just read they're replacing it with a pure RNG "plant". What kind of bullshit is this? Seriously. What the fuck are you doing with your game Riot. Edit2: Just found a video by RossBoomSocks which brings up a lot of good points. Here's the link:
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