Passive playstyle

I play pretty passively. I dislike going very aggressive, and I've found this reflected in my preferred champions as well. --- **For my main, support**: - Soraka (queen of passive laning) and have recently found Tahm Kench to fit me pretty well too since I can nom up my ally and waddle away (duck song anyone?). - I've tried Leona as well, and albeit she's more of an engaging kind of champion I find myself using her abilities defensively rather than offensively. Works out decently, and is great if the team needs a tank. **For the rest of the lanes:** - For adc, I usually go with something like Tristana or Caitlyn (champs with escapes). - For mid I play Lux, long range and a defensive ability. - For jungle I tend to end up with WW, using his ult defensively to protect my team. - For top I've tried to learn Vladimir, but top really isn't something that has stuck with me and I generally don't enjoy that role. Overall I find myself more comfortable on ranged champions. --- **My questions to the LoL community: ** - _What champions would you recommend to a passive player (like myself)?_ - _Is there a way to train to become more offensive?_ I'd love to have a suggestion for each role, as I struggle to find champions suiting my defensive playstyle. Cheers!
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