Top 3 items that need changes

#1) {{item:3056}} Ohmwrecker Originally introduced as the supportive item you use for diving turrets has come with a lot of issue's in the recent patches. The game has evolved to a point their is barely an proper use for the active anymore despite stats wise the item aways has been in a powerfull position. _Their are plenty of directions and possible reworks they can go with this item. Some version it would even possible to maintain the active (despite I don't recommand this from a design perspective). I would like to see it been rework into a juggernaut/diver item. Perhapse as the first AD/AR/CDR item in the game, together with a brand new active that would be more suitable for the class but still allows it todo a similar job than the old one._ #2) {{item:3091}} Wit's End Orginally introduced as an bruiser item that had a lot of magic damage in their kit. Despite this felt an intressting direction for the item. Their was never a massive group of champions that where useing it and got outclassed by many other items both offensive & defensive item. _The buildpath is probally the biggest issue of the line right now. It properly needs an more offensive direction in the near future with less magic resistance and maybe an new componement existing out {{item:1042}} + {{item:1033}}._ #3) {{item:3089}} Rabadon's Deathcap Orginally introduced as the big lategame damage item for AP (counterpart of {{item:3031}}). It feels like the item didn't evolve along it's fellow items. Currently the item cost 3800 gold and just is to much for just pure stats compaired to other items that are way cheaper and provide much more different stats & active/passives. _The easyiest way to fix this item would probally just lowering it's cost. Possible even lowering it to 100 AP and maybe increasing passive a lot. But their are other options like changing the passive to spell damage or removing the item entire to create two new items._
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