Custom games with bot list

I sometimes do custom games (Usually 1 v 5) and I noticed a few things due to the constant use of looking through the bot list... some bots are flat out missing. Sure this doesn't affect a majority of players but when I wanted to try say a pure global team consisting of Soraka/Karthus/Shen and Gangplank since they were all possible bots, in the list, Gangplank isn't there for whatever reason. It's funny to see a mirror match of two Karthus' standing still and Q'ing each other to death. Other bots missing include: Vayne, Yasuo (Although this one is understandable due to him standing still and doing nothing far too often) and even Orianna. Why can't I go against these bots in the custom area when I can go against Shen who only appears on your team in the intro mode. Anyone got any clues?
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