Zyra and Brand destroying bottom lane again.

Hello, The time has come where the Brand and Zyra suport are destroying bot lane again and out damaging the carys. Playing against Zyra/Brand is the most unfun thing to do. Especialy as a Vayne player. It is simple, u get poked out of the lane because they are just spamming spells that do insane damage. I have the feeling that Zyra spells dont even cost mana. It is just spamming flowers untill she created a whole fcking garden of plants. Srsly, the "minor changes" have just made most of the mages from balanced to op... What kind of update is that anyway? Malz was fine, Zyra was fine, Brand was fine, Vlad was fine, Annie was fine, Anivia was fine. Some changes were good and needed. Fiddle and Xerath could use some buffs. The only explanation I can give to the changes is that Riot wants to control the meta. Make the game "interesting". Riot, since the moment I played this game there are so many decisions the community and me do not understand. Changes to the game that make the game worse. You are slowely ruining ur game. Patch by Patch. This nonsense has to stop. I hope you have some stakeholders or something that will tell u this game is going the wrong way. The community is unhapy about the changes. Because who is gonna stop you from yourself? IDK

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