Soulstealer Vayne Visual update?

I realize that this has been brought up before. but i have been thinking about Mythic skins, especially as i almost have 10 gemstones, now when i started collecting gemstones, Soulstealer Vayne was one of the best quality skins out there, but looking at the skin now, it just seems rather....outclassed, outdated. Even Hextech Annie (being the oldest Mythic skin) is easily in the top two skins, next to Super Galaxy. and looking at the quality of the other Mythic skins, to me, their quality is higher than an epic, but perhaps slightly lower than a legendary. Looking at the other Mythic skins - Dreadnova Darius, Lancer Zero Hecarim, Hextech Kog'maw and Hextech Alistar, they all compete well with a legendary skin they may possess, but don't necessarily surpass it. Hextech Kog'maw particularly is arguably Kog'maw's best skin, surpassing Pug'maw - his epic skin. Soulstealer Vayne seems majorly outclassed by her legendary skin, i never even see people use the skin anymore. The only reason i could see someone using Soulstealer over Project is for the old animations, one thing i would like to assure, is that its not JUST the difference between Project and Soulstealer, but the difference between Soulstealer and the other skins aswell. Quality-wise, what makes Soulstealer more desirable than Arclight (a 975 RP skin), besides a personal preference in colour or aesthetic? It isn't very clear at all. In my opinion Hextech Annie has aged rather well, and is still a skin that Annie players would freely equip, and look forward to purchasing with their saved gemstones, but i feel like Soulstealer Vayne could use...EVEN a minor VFX update, nothing huge. Just something to lift the skin up just a tiny tiny bit. I know that the value of a Mythic skin is the rarity of the skin, not the quality, but my point is, why can't Soulstealer Vayne be revisited, even briefly? As an example. giving more particle effects to her R (permanent effects, not just the effect that you see when you cast her R, which fades within a second)

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