Worst season so far? Let's argue!

Lets start with the topic.^^ So I'm playing since season 5 and I think season 9 is the worst season so far. My biggest issue is the new ranked/matchmaking system. Since "rank is just deko now" (which a riot supporter actually said to me) and you are getting placed with ppl due to your mmr is it rly hard to climb. And I know that you got placed with ppl based on your mmr before but now whole divions don't even matter anymore. A very good example of this is the german ytber noway4u where he was iron and had to play vs diamond players. (Here is the link: https://youtu.be/j9GDUiLjEaY at 7:50 you can see what i mean.) Due to this you will get more lp if you win and less if you lose but its harder to climb since you are playing vs people who are better than normal people in your division. (Hope you get what I mean) Another issue are the people in general. Flaming and trolling is very common in lower elo and is just destroying the game. While you can just mute a flamer and let him speak to a wall, he will be banned a lot faster than a troller. The best example here is a master yi main who has a 100% at master yi and a 100% lose rate on tham kench where he trolled every single game. (over 200 games btw) He probably just got banned because he reached the front page of reddit. (Again here is a video: https://youtu.be/BQ5LXCMwZP0 ) The ban system is just not able to dedect trolelers except you are literally running it down mid. Even if you report them nothing will happen. You literally have to submit a support ticket that smth can be done. Also its hard to be a league ytber/content creator. You can just download and view games that happened in the current patch and just the last 20 games. Also the new camera tool by riot is simply just bad. Im not going further into detail here since I'm not a content creator. But here you will have a video (again) where a ytber explains the issue al lot better than I would be able to: https://youtu.be/rDqD0ybT98U Also for most of the games you know who wins after ~10 mins. Due to the new bounty system you are at least able to come back again, but most of the time this wont change that much. I'm not going to complain about the "better jngler wins" thing 'cause its not that big of an issue anymore, also most of the time its not the jungler fault. Also every new champion has a pretty overpowerd kit at the beginning, let's take ornn for example, he even got buffed several times because nobody played him hwen he was already way too strong. At least the are reacting fast when they notice. Also nobody seems to care about the pbe anymore. Let's just take the galio changes after his rework for example. Everybody on the pbe said that this is way too overpowerd and that it is practically free win ´with galio. And what did riot do? just bring the changes to the live servers without a single change to the numbers. Have you got any other points? Do you disagree with me? Let's argue! I will try to reply to the commen
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