Which Keystone Mastery to take on ADCs in Patch 6.4?

Which Keystone Mastery to take on ADCs in Patch 6.4? This article is written by me - _"LagsAlot" a (not so) high elo player on EUW (anymore)_ - and contains my personal opinion on the different Keystone Masteries on ADCs in Season 6. Feel free to discuss the topic in the comments down below. http://i.imgur.com/JTYvnjE.png **Disclaimer**: In Season 5 I was Master Tier but I didn't play much this Season on my main account and didn't perform any good. Check my second account "Join My Journey" for some better ADC statistics if you want. The **standard Mastery Page** for an ADC in Patch 6.4 is 18/12/0 and in some really rare cases 12/18/0 but which Keystone Mastery do you have to pick if you go 18/12/0? This and many more I will cover in this article. Have fun. The answer is simple, more or less. Let's look at the different Keystone Masteries we have. * We have **Warlord's Bloodlust**, a Keystone Mastery which grants more Lifesteal (against champions and minions) the less HP we have. * Also we have **Fervor of Battle**, a Keystone Mastery that generates up to 8 stacks by hitting enemy champions. The more stacks we have the more bonus damage our autoattacks deal. * And at last but not least we have **Deathfire Touch**, a Keystone Mastery that deals bonus magic damage after dealing damage to an enemy with an ability. So basically we can say that we have one Keystone Mastery which is for sustain (Warlord's Bloodlust), one that is for increasing your autoattack damage (Fervor of Battle) and one for dealing more damage with abilities (Deathfire Touch). * So champions who will most likely lose lane and need the sustain or champions who want to go three crit items early will take Warlord's Bloodlust. I would say champions like this are maybe Vayne, Sivir and Lucian. Not because Lucian and Sivir will lose their lane but they benefit a lot from building three crit items. * Champions who work a lot with autoattacks (or Ezreal) will take Fervor of Battle to increase their autoattack damage in longer fights. Possible champions for Fervor of Battle are Ezreal, Vayne (if she has heal on lane), Caitlyn, Tristana, Kalista, Twitch and Kog'Maw. Of course Lucian and Sivir are also possible but I prefer them with Warlord's Bloodlust at the moment. * And finally champions who use abilities a lot (Ezreal's Q doesn't count) and benefit more from just attackdamage will take Deathfire Touch. So Varus, Jhin and Urgot are perfect for this Keystone Mastery in my opinion. Besides this I think champions like Corki, Ezreal and Urgot are also able to take Thunderlord's Decree in the 12/18/0 Mastery Page if you dislike the 18/12/0 Mastery Page. I would even say that Corki is the only ADC (at least for me) that shouldn't go 18/12/0 at the moment. Keep in mind that I don't want to force you to play your ADCs like I describe in this article. Play like you want and feel free to use every Keystone Mastery you want. This is just a suggestion and feel free to test it on your own. Thank you for reading my League of Legends article about Keystone Masteries on ADCs in Season 6 and feel free to leave critic and questions in the comment section down below. Don't forget to read my one of my latest article about ["Lifesteal Runes on ADCs in Season 6"](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/h16mf5V2-lifesteal-runes-on-adcs-in-season-6) as well: Feel also free to visit my [Youtube Channel](http://Youtube.com/LagsAlot) and my [Twitter](http://Twitter.com/LolLagsAlot). I wish you a very nice day and good luck in SoloQ. Cya in my next article.
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