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instead its just me crying hello you pretty people out there it is me (bejonce) but you can call me bej i have been a PROFESSIONAL lego player for too long (3head) me (the most intellectual and proficient individual when it comes to everything about this game) is now going to speak : i actually like this season the game **_feels_** pretty balanced like i have fun abusing veigar and lux support while it lasts better dont let riot read this haha anyway im lazy so i will write the rest of this in bullet points or maybe not hecarim -- low skillcap feelsbadman with all the sustain hes basically a mobile darius feels really bad guys rengar--- compared to other stealth/assassin champs lb katarina talon nocturne zed for example range on his jump {{item:3070}} janna --- not going to play that...feels like a worse version of lulu or lux or even sona ill explain for all the irons 1 (like everyone can outrun ur nado its not even a decent zoning tool anymore AND its too slow) 2(with all the burst in the game ur r is pretty useless if you need to wait for ur r and you need to wait for redemption and since solari is only good with health scaling i cant do any mindgames or bait KAISA/ VAYNE kills you level 2 or smth) 3 weak shield feelsbad like people will flame you for picking janna this is actually sad because you could do so much with that champ and now ...ur shield decays while even the tank nautilus has a bigger shield that doesnt decay anyone can link a picture of janna in a trash can because thats how i feel about it
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