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Introduction: Regarding the game modes released up to now, I would dare to say this: no offense, but you guys are moving in the wrong direction. The first new maps being released after Summoner’s Rift (like Dominion) resulted in a 1-month-hype, then got lost in history… I will now try to explain why, in my opinion, Dominion is the shining example, proving Rito Games’ Designing Department is moving the wrong direction. The concept of the all-time-classic, quintessential for LoL, “Summoner’s Rift” map, is that it’s partially based upon objective-focused play and partially based on dueling, fighting and outplaying the opponent face-to-face. While this is more than fine, there is a part of the gaming community that isn’t satisfied with this strategic point of view. This part would like more BLOOD, more DUELING, more FACE-TO-FACE BATTLES! In that sense, DOMINION managed to offer the exact opposite: a less duel-depending type of game, revolving around securing those turret-like objectives. Therefore, it is no surprise this map has been totally forgotten, even granting Instalok the chance to sing “Who plays Dominion?”. So, if there could be a new Game Mode that would be worth creating, maybe even spending a few hours playing this instead of SR, then it would look and feel more bloody, like this: BATTLE GROUNDS Let’s get straighinto the details: 1) In Battle Grounds, there are 4 lanes and a Jungle with quite a lot of camps. 2) In order to leave the base and enter a lane, one must pass through a Lane Gate. Opponents can’t pass through this gate. Guarding that gate, there is an invulnerable turret, with megatons of laser damage (like the Fountain on Summoner’s Rift). 3) In Champ Select, players are given their roles: Tank, Assassin, Bruiser, Mage, AD Carry and Support. There is a limited number of champions that are available for each role (ex. there are like 20 champions for the Assassin role, like Diana, Zed, Akali etc., Jarvan, Xin Zhao and so on for the Bruiser role or Malphite, Mundo etc. for the Tank one), but you can pick anything if you are Support. 4) During the first minute of each game, the Bruiser, Tank, Assassin and Mage each choose one lane among 3 of the 4 available ones the jungle. The AD Carry and Support don’t choose lane, but enter Lane 1 instead. From that moment onwards, each player may not enter any of the other 3 lanes or the jungle. However, the player that chose Jungle may move to wherever he/she wants. 5) Returning to base doesn’t heal you. You gain passive experience throughout the game. Consumable berries spawn on various spots of the lane, as in ARAM. 6) The Jungle is full of monster camps, but you may get no help from the laners… However, rest assured: there are quite a few jungle-oriented items to help you clear. 7) There is a limited number of items in the Shop, like Doran’s, Boots of Speed etc. They are generally cheap, since the main phase of the game lasts no more than 20 minutes. 8) Aside that, it’s totally the same as Proving Grounds. You fight to death against your lane opponent, showing your skills at dueling, surviving ganks and trying to outfarm and outlevel them. Yes, you can avoid an overfed enemy by retreating to your turret, but don’t forget that your Turret is probably going to steal all your farm if you keep turtling… 9) And now, the big trick: the Duel Phase. As I stated earlier, the main phase lasts only 20 minutes. Then, the map changes, turning to 5 Duel Arenas. A duel arena is a circle without exit or entrance, with little scattered bushes and pretty much nothing else. This is how a Duel Arena works: there is no exit or entrance to it. Its starting size is quite big, but, over the course of 1 minute, the walls slowly close towards the center, pushing everybody inside, resulting in the Arena’s final size. This arena is designed solely for the End Phase or Duel Phase. During this one minute, everybody gets to duel their respective opponent, for example Bruiser vs. Bruiser and so on. However, the AD Carries and Supports fight each other in a 2 v 2 duel. There are no minions or anything hindering them, just a little number of bushes. Each duel grants the winning team 1 Victory Point, but there is always the possibility of a Draw, which grants no Victory Points to either team. A Draw happens when either both players are killed or 3 minutes pass without a winner. After this phase ends, a new Duel Arena is created. This time, both teams fight each other in a hot-blooded 5v5 teamfight. The winning team receives 3 Victory Points. After 5 minutes, we have a Draw again. The final VICTORY goes to the team that has collected the more points. In case of a tie, the team that won the 5v5 teamfight wins. If no team won this, the game ends finally, and officially, in a Draw  . Thanks for your patience. If you guys eventually create it, call me there for an online-streamed Battle Grounds event!

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