GJ on riot kennen

Congratulations you remembered kennen exists one of the champions i personally love now do us a favor and fix some of "duh" things in kennens kit. for example... if he procs his passive? throw in a heal i mean... you gave ahri... and morgana a heal.... cause logic? like I mean generally if something gets pumped full of energy its gonna look for a way to get rid of it. it makes sense some goes back to kennen giving him some life or something. (i know it gives him energy but you either need to make him give all the energy back or something because it is not noticeable at all) 2nd thing i have literly no idea why hes w needs a mark on champions to activate... how about you make it so if they r in range they shocked anyway? but ignore minons and things keep the mark needed for them or something. *oh but that be completely insane lane bullying* may i introduce you to {{champion:58}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:92}}{{champion:8}} ? 3rd thing that needs to happen is... why r his costs so high? you do qwe and your gone.... like thank god his ult doesn't have a manacost your never be able to use it in a combo... but for real you shouldn't run out of energy just using q to cs from range... its a bit insane. maybe this is a bit much but hey the is a reason no one. (expect people like me who just find him fun but not strong) play kennen. Someone who doesnt play kennen: "kennen is perfectly balanced and doesnt need changes." yeah... sure.... why do people like you exsist? they seem to be like "THIS PATCH IS PERFECTLY BALANCED IN EVERY WAY AND EVERY CHAMPION IS AS STRONG AS EACH OTHER EVEN THE CHAMPIONS THAT NO ONE PLAYS" *patch comes with loads of buffs nerfs and changes* *5 mins later* "THIS PATCH IS PERFECTLY BALANCED IN -" you get it. and like for real... what be the worst that happen from buffing kennen? darius and fiora would have a hard time in lane for once? HOW AWFUL!
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