League of legends will soon be gone...

Hey,i write here because this is the only way riot will ever hear us. I wanted to say that riot lately is doing whatever comes to their mind,the reason fortnite took over and is the most played game is because it is fun,that means lol is not that much simply,first of all. just STOP releasing such champions!! Lets take 3 for example,darius,nasus and jax,it doesnt matter how much you nerf them! Their abilities are so op that it doesnt matter!A nre champion incoming,pyke,no just no that is no support for any reasons he seems coll but as an assasin.Itstime to stop! SECOND:we are bores of summoners rift...aram and twisted treeline sucks and you know it so go on and make another nice map so we have many choices to play!AND make sure it is not all random or some stupid thinga like that,i want to play the champion I WANT! Another thing that i hate ript does is destroying fine champions,for example leesin he is pretty strong in
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