My 8 previous games!And a post for supporting the players who are claming that matchmaking is broken

To Riot company Im not saying you suck or your game suck, but i have started to play this game less and less now due to reasons described under. I play the best i can in games and tend to have a lot of fun. I am not claming that i am platinum, diamond or a challanger player. I am what i am. But in the past days i decided to really give it all and have a positive attitude toward every ranked game. Really. To sum my 8 previous game up. Our team kills : 179 Enemy team kills : 245 That is 27% kills more then my team have got. Game 1 : 21-37 (Here we had a mid who couldnt play Xerath (2-11) at all, its ok. Shit happens) Game 2 : 45-43 (This was a close and normal game) Game 3 : 12-26 (Here we had 4 ap Cass went top, lux started feed and flame and our jgl well, i dont know wtf she was doing) Game 4 : 5-29 ( Well, do i need to say more?) Game 5 : 17-37 (Here our jgl, mid and sup had 28 deaths, it was like watching a horror movie, game lasted 28 min, it means on average they died every min) Game 6 : 44-12 (this we won, but goddamn look at the uneven score) Game 7 : 8-28 ( Here my team decided to go 3 adcs, Tristana top feeding, ezrael sup feeding and our mid flaming) Game 8 : 27-33 ( Close?nah, cause our jgl fed as **** claming he had seen NB3 build and was determine to go that build and we all didnt know ****) I cant sum up all the flaming, feeding and talking in the game, but riot does this look like a good matchmaking system for you. My KDA in 8 matches was : 48-23-46. This is not to point out that im so skilled etc, but just to show i try to play catious and "smart" (whatever beeing "smart" is on my level) Maybe i play to def, maybe i miss alot of opportunities, but i try to mirror the play and try to adpat, but with this matchmaking going on, its impossible not to start really questioning your matchmaking system. 1 game ok, 2 ok , 3 ok, but goddamn, it never ends. That 1 game we won, was like a train wrecking for the enemy team. The games are so f**** 1 sided. I dont know how to sum it up, or how to say it, but you guys really need to start working on the matchmaking and all the smurf accounts that are runing this game. as i said i am slowly starting to play this game less and less, and it is many who are doing the same, i also know some players who have quit this game due to this matchmaking and all the flaming and trolls in game. Maybe you know better, maybe i dont know, but the majority is telling you over and over and over again, your matchmaking is bugged. Yeah you can climb if you have exceptional skills, but you know not everyone have it, so we who dont have are relying on mercy of your matchmaking that we get better teams more then those who either bought accounts, have multiple accounts and want to try that champ in ranked so they f**** up games for all others, or a smurf who is boosting or making an account to get that 20 dollars from royalsmurfs or ebay or whatever. Your game"s problem is that it is allowed to have multiple accounts. If the accounts could get locked to a phone number or something beeing able to only have 2-3 accounts on that phone number or where you can verify your "identity" people will car emore and troll less of beeing afraid of perma bans. This was just a suggestion that popped up in my head atm. I think the multiple accounts are the problem here. You get 14 days ban, f*** it, we play on my 9th account and wait for that ban to go over, i got perma banned f**** it i have 6 thers, if not ill just go and buy 1 new account. I just cant see how to solve this issue, but it is getting more and more serious. I know you guys are running business, and money is the prime focus, and this game is free. Thanks for that, this is not a critisism, but just my 2 cents to support the community who is seeing more and more unfair matchmaing either due to smurfs, players who play on multiple accounts in lower league to "try out" champs or trollers. This game is beeing held hostage by these activties! Pls look into it rather just looking into money grabbing by making new skins or champs all the time. Thanks for all who took the time to read this whole post! I hope i get some constructive replys and not just downvotes, its an honest post from me and not rant or flame!
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