Objective Control as a Jungler

So I've been playing a lot of Kha'Zix and Kayn lately - and, therefore, jungle. I've noticed a lot of complaints from my teammates concerning objective control - drakes, mostly. It's always about me not taking drakes. However, my problem is just that I'm too scared to take them - people always encourage me to "just take it" when it's free of enemy wards. However, I always argue that you don't need wards to know when the enemy's doing an objective. You just need gamesense. I'm always scared that the enemy jungler COULD come around exactly in that moment, kill me and take the drake. There's even situations where the enemy jungler is dead but I still don't start an objective because I'm too scared of the enemy team 3v4ing us or something while we're doing it. Any advice on how to improve in that aspect?
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