Thanks for removing ability to play together with friends (EUNE)

So, dear Riot, you decided to remove normal draft queues for EUNE. Because of this I want to showcase what are you actually doing with game for regular users. My League group consists of many different players. Majority of them is in Silver or Gold, but we have few Bronzies or Plats in team (hell, I guess we even have some low-Diamond friend around). Most of our matches are rankeds indeed, but not always - if we will have Plat and Silver players at the same moment we won't be able to play together anymore. Why is that? - You can't play regular rankeds with too big difference in levels - You can't play normal draft anymore - EUNE pretty much can't play Ranked 5v5 queue since it has uptime of about 4h per day and we **NEVER** play at those hours (because people have life too, you know) - We refuse to play blind pick, because it's way too toxic - people ignoring chat-pick order, unability to ban annoying champs (which leads to Zed/Yas/Jayce/whoeverIsCurrentlyFOTM picks nearly every match) or to react for enemy teamcomp. It wasn't a problem with normal draft around - we waited for about 1-3 min at most and we were in champ select no matter of hour on the clock. This would be a little bit less annoying if we actually could play 5v5 rankeds at any hour (although sometimes we have only 4 players at the time, so it wouldn't be possible then as well). **tl;dr** if we have too big difference in our leagues/divisions we won't be able to play together, because **_reasons_**. I wonder if it will be another year till you admit it is a mistake, just like you did with dynamic queue.
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