My thoughts on Xayah Nerfs hitting 7.12 patch

Hello Summoners, please take this as my personal opinion. I'm not a god, just a scrub Gold V and probably I'm wrong but this is why I want to make this a discussion. I need to see other's perspectives. ( as english is not my first language don't come with those comments of grammatical errors I can possibly make, thanks {{summoner:31}} ) Recently I just read the Patch 7.12 notes and got surprised with the {{champion:498}} where I can possibly see some nerfs on her Q and her W. To some people who are not in touch with what happened I start to quote: > Q** - Double Daggers** _REMOVED“TRIPLE” DAGGERS?_ Xayah can no longer basic attack while Double Daggers is firing **W - Deadly Plumage** > COOLDOWN 16/15/14/13/12 seconds ⇒ 20/19/18/17/16 seconds **What does this possibly bring to {{champion:498}} ** - With the changes on her Q, we can no longer almost instantly root someone. As we know, {{champion:498}} unlike her lover {{champion:497}} an immobile champion only having her ultimate as any kind of "mobility" or possible escape. Most likely her Q with an auto (well done) is her way to start a fight or continue a fight with anyone. It's an easy and efficient way to do this. **Pay attention, not everyone can do this, it's an easy thing to do but as I said before, only if her auto is well done ( in a minion or even in the champion, making it match with the Double Daggers, it will be sucessful ).** So, for me this is more of a mechanic that people acquire with experience since if you do this wrong you dont get much potencial of it and you make it super useless. Yes, I am probably loking only in one way... We can always imagine that {{champion:498}} is already in a middle of a fight and has her Q up again and maybe the auto she did was enough to make her E do the necessary damage to kill the enemy.... but isn't that like an useless case of answer? Everyone knows that the mechanic in this is the fact of starting fights with an advantage. - Just like I said before, in my opinion, this is something you acquire with experience and should be seen as a good thing and not something that should be nerfed... **Now, what does the W nerf prossibly bring to {{champion:498}} ?** - This nerf is not a big deal since it's only a CD touch. What I can possibly see in this is that {{champion:498}} won't be taking towers as easily as she did before and that's the more explainable reason why they did this. Otherwise, as I said before {{champion:498}} is really immobile and this abillity giver her movement speed witch is good for escaping. Making her one way to escape with 16 sec CD ( at maximum points ) isn't a big hit on the champ? **IN GENERAL** They nerfed two ways of escaping from {{champion:498}} ... In my case, when being chased down (doesn't matter how much health I am since I'm an adc and I'm squishy) I found this really hurting. My Q with my auto was able to root **1 ENEMY** ( imagine they can be more) and this makes me be paralised in place to do, so, if chased by more the others can catch me. Otherwise, nerfing W CD can make me run faster less times while chased and, since W gives attack speed too, not being able to kite as much as I did before. W, in my case, is usually used to give me speed while being chased because usually I know I'm not able to kite people down and E them if I don't have any minions with me or because the enemy team just separate themselves making me able to root one person AT LEAST. {{champion:498}} already has a ton of counterplays since people can see their feathers and dodge it... **BUT {{champion:498}} IS LIKE SUPER BROKEN AND STUFF...!** Is she? As I said before {{champion:498}} can be easily counter by dodging (which is something any champion has since it's something that the players acquire). Of course you can say that you can't dodge 5 feathers in the ground and an untargetable champion in the air.. But was that what they nerfed? No. They nerfed her way to start fights and her way to run (almost not dying) a chase. For those people who did not get conviced that {{champion:498}} is NOT a broken champion, let's look at statistics. 1. In Bronze, {{champion:498}} has 51,67 win rate and 2.91 ban rate. In front of her we have (from the least to the most win rate) {{champion:51}} , {{champion:222}} , {{champion:96}} , {{champion:29}} ,{{champion:119}} and {{champion:21}} . **Making a total of 6 champions doing better than her.** 2. In Silver, {{champion:498}} has 51,60 win rate and 3,88 ban rate. In front of her we have {{champion:51}} , {{champion:96}} , {{champion:222}} , {{champion:21}} ,{{champion:119}} , {{champion:29}} . **Making a total of 6 champions doing better than her.** 3. In Gold, {{champion:498}} has 51,38 win rate and 4,31 ban rate. In front of her we have {{champion:222}} , {{champion:96}} , {{champion:51}} , {{champion:21}} ,{{champion:119}} ,{{champion:29}} . **Making a total of 6 champions doing better than her.** 4. In Platinum, {{champion:498}} has 50,83 win rate and 4,38 ban rate. In front of her we have {{champion:222}} ,{{champion:96}} ,{{champion:21}} , {{champion:51}} , {{champion:29}} ,{{champion:119}} . **Making a total of 6 champions doing better than her.** 5. In Platinum and above, {{champion:498}} has 50,89 win rate and 4,37 ban rate. In front of her we have {{champion:21}} , {{champion:96}} ,{{champion:51}} , {{champion:119}} ,{{champion:29}} . **Making a total of 5 champions doing better than her.** In all ranks she isn't even in the top 5 better ADC's and her win rate goes down the higher you go on elo. Plus, it's always the same champions that are with higher win rates than her and in the patch notes there are no changes for them... Of course you can come with the " But they are not as picked as {{champion:498}} kind of stuff, but that would only be true for {{champion:96}} and {{champion:21}} . I hope that I can bring a nice discussion with this and please don't flame each other in the comment section since we are here to point stuff that we think and not insulting others. Please correct me in anything you think I'm wrong ( but with a nice argument and not with some bullshit crap like " I'm Gold 5 + I know much better than you" stuff). Good Luck on SoloQ and Always Have Fun!{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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