Player who don´t play the game not talking about trolls

I´ve played this game since season 4 and back in time the games where normal with some player who played and others who didn´t do it that well. But what happened to in the last 2 seasons counting this season 2020 were the worst. In the last season (I started in rank silver 4) in ranked games, I found people who were not able to play in my league and players who were above my league. I finally accepted this situation, but when in one game (ranked) appeared 1 player who apparently was normal player started to troll ( btw I was playing TOP and he was adc) I thought: "Okay, we are 1 less we kind can win but it is gonna be hard…" (Promo to Silver 1 for my first time) You won´t believe the next thing this player said in the chat, it was something like this: "Is anyone interested in buying a Gold or Platinum account?" I almost throw my laptop. Imagine you are playing a ranked game, you are nervous, you are concentrated, its a promo game, your are one game from silver 1 and you see that troll 0-5, min 10, playing adc, who says if you want to buy an account, what you feel is "Lets not play never again". In the time I am writing this, I just lost a game because of a troll. The game I lost it was the 10th game of the placement. It didn´t decide much of my positioning but there it is. This time it was adc player too, who decided taking {{champion:9}} with {{summoner:11}} and following the actual jungler was a fun game. The player was [redacted - please do not name & shame players on the Boards], if find him, quit the game as soon as possible so he can´t do nothing. If you reached here or either case, Thank you so much, Jon
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