Champion idea (maybe good, maybe trash)

So I was thinking all day for a new champion idea, I like how riot is moving towards more lore based things. For example mergeing stories and lore and then realising a champion that has been a teaser for the last 9 years. Like if they are willing to bring kassadin daughter to the came and connect lores and chacters I think there should be others and here are three I plan on focusing on. First up is Lucian wife, Senna, at first it was a community joke, but like most jokes in this game, they happen 9/10 times. (still waiting for star guardian urgot) but I thought what if she really was bought to the game, how would she fit in. Then it hit me, let's turn Senna into an angle, now at first you may say why, but here me out, lore based we have kayle, who is an angel but where the hell does she fit in. You got your demons, your gods and your angels. But as we know already demons rorm around the world of volaran as we know swain got one, the darkin are a form of demon god thing, eve is one, but kayle she just well, where do you go with her. So then I thought perhaps kayle or an angel can save senna's soul from the lamp as luc and senna where holy people, maybe she had a blessed item she was wearing that protected her from her soul being completely trapped. I have to build on it, but once she saved she given a new body, still looks like old senna, but she got wings, and given a holy weapon to protect who she loves, this is where I think you could make a badass support with her, so her new weapon and new gear helps her fight evil. So I had to think what would be a great holy weapon, so I thought maybe a staff like spear sort of thing. Then thought what sort game play should she have I thought her Q would be a spear chuck, if you land it, it can pull an ememy back slightly like swain passive, if the Q is clicked again if it hits, her W would be a heal, her E a shield, now when came to the ult, I hand lots of ideas, but then I thought if going to have a great ult it got to be something that help adc, so I thought maybe for 10 to 15 seconds you could put a charm on your adc and make them have double everything, from heath, dmg, speed, all of it doubles, now you think how strong that be, but then I thought that be strong on a tank, which would give an insane unfair advantage. So the CD would have to be long, but her passive could be like kalista but instead it proks a small bit of extra life between the two. That was my idea for senna Then other two where the ruined King and his wife. Now I have wondered what happened to them. Let's be honest we know most of the leaders of each region but the shadow Isles is still a bit of mystery. Like what happened to the two, I have no idea what you would do with them, but had a idea what lane for them both, ruined King could be a top lane and his wife mid. Now my idea for ruined King would be a top lane the scales with attack speed, now sounds crazy, but this will be passive, however his catch would be he can squiy. So his Q would be a like a nasus Q sort of, expect it stacks with attack speed, his W gives gives critical chance higher and E is speed boost and your ult make inmune for about a few seconds. Thought I have no idea where I'm going with this, but sounds odd. Then there his wife. No idea, just place her mid, at most I have a lore design.
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