Riot actually hates me there is no other explanation for this.

This guy goes afk from the start until 3 minutes just in time so there is no option for a remake and decides to afk again 5 minutes later obviously deliberately screwing the game with no hope of a remake. I get lux supports who have played 2 ranked games in their life and run in constantly to die over and over again these sound like two isolated cases but this kind of thing is every ranked game I play. It seems statistically impossible that it is always my team and never the enemy but I guarantee it is true and no it isnt a bias everyone talks about I keep a record of it it is about 1/25 games the enemy team has a troll or afk and about 1/5 my team does the only way this is possible is for riot to do it on purpose to me maybe they think im boosted who knows.

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