Having comp synergy and op power picks is very important...

...in chalenger division but if you are in low elo like me and you say "gg no tanks" or try to dictate what other players should play, regardless how much experience they have on that champ, please just stop the game is not over in champ select, yes in competitive play teams can "win drafts" but in silver/gold it really doesnt matter what you play it's HOW you play. doesnt matter that the comp doesnt have a wombo combo, it's about the macro play and awareness EVERY CHAMP/COMP CAN ROTATE LANES I'm sick and tired of people saying "gg" in champ select because they think my silver mmr placement mach is challenjour unless you are high elo comps and champs mean nothing what does impact the game is your negative attitude and deciding youre not even going to try to win because the game is a lost cause already in which case you could have dodged you salty sailor snowflake %&"!"§#Stick /rant.
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