Why LoL isn't as much fun as it used to be PART 2

A lot of the problems come from Part1 (speeding up the game):https://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/LEl12c5F-why-lol-isnt-as-much-fun-as-it-used-to-be **TLDR:**Too much gold, everything is too OP I remember when there was a time when if you got BFsword as ADC after your first back it meant you totally stomped the opposing lane or farmed there for quite a long time. Now if you don't get BFsword on the first back it means something's wrong. (or some similar item) There is too big gold income, you get more money from kills, you've got plates, first turret, more jungle camps, early game meta (means there are more early game kills). Combine this and you've got game where the only goal is to completely destroy the opponent as soon as possible while gaining huge gold lead without the need to farm. This results in 25 min onesided games. Don't get me wrong there are games that are not one sided, but there isn't nearly as many of them as used to be, and they end quickly even then. To that add more OP items than used to be. Lot of items have CDR, It's not that hard to get to 40-45% CDR. Lots of items have armor or magic penetration-which shuts down tanks. You add Rageblade to that, which makes every champion (that has on hit effects), destroy everybody else on 3 items. By adding all these OP items you destroyed ADC role, because now everybody does so much dmg adc role is not as strong (they dont do as much dmg as they used to while being more squishy-because everybody has more dmg). Support role is completly destroyed aswell-but thats for another post. I guess that jungle might be a bit broken too but since i don't play it I can't really talk about that. Add to that champions that have everything (CC, damage, healing, jumps, multiple summoner spells or ults) and you have champions that can completely destroy low ELO (even old champions are changed to be more like this) **So what is your opinion?**
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