ADC just stays so op...

For like 1,5 season ADC has been absolutely busted. Their DMG output is just way to high. They deal 2-3 autos and a mage is dead. Meanwhile a mage has to hit multiple skilshots/Combo's which are way harder to pull of and usually outside of the adc his range. And usually the full combination isn't even good enough to 1shot some1. Or you need to be a heavy assasin. It usually takes a full combo and another spell or a few autos to kill an adc. Which is more than 1-5 sec. Meanwhile the adc right clicks you 3 times and you're dead. He does that in 1-2 seconds, and oh yeat, you can't dodge auto atacks, but you can dodge spells. And also, don't forget about GA thats only for ADCS, don't forget about the shields/heals from their supports, don't forget about all these items that boost adcs. I feel like ADC has been busted for way to long now, the point of ADC is DPSing, having good positioning and knowing your limits, because you're supposed to get 1shot if you don't. But this role has now become, killing every member of the enemy team with just a few autos. You can even go invisible sometimes, or leap to somewhere! Or wait maby you can dash away, or slow/stun them! And also do not forget about your shielding sups. And in case of emergency you can always flash and heal to dodge all the skilshots. And if you were to die, No problem, you got GA! Seriously riot, nerf this shit or buff mages/Assasins/bruisers. Because they lack a lot of carry potential. This has become a game of the best botlane wins.
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