Question about ranked

Hey people. I remember that I saw somewhere around the boards that someone wrote something like "If you are inactive in ranked for a certain amount of time, you will be receiving a ranked "penalty" which will place you with people of considerably your skill because you were inactive in ranked". So.. if I am inactive for a month in ranked but am daily playing in normal and my mmr is at 260 why should I be punished and get noobs on my team? Only because I didn't play ranked for a month, that doesn't mean that my skill has dropped.. I just wanted to improve my play with my champions, thus my skill has increased not at all dropped... yet I tried to play 2 ranked games and received trolls and noobs on my team.. Not saying that I'm not a noob, my elo is saying that for me, but receiving players that have a skill and knowledge about the game that is lower than the ones of a new player is a bit over the board, imo.
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