Bring back Aatrox Old Excellent Voice Actor!

Aatrox Voice - English - League of Legends
This is League of Legends Champion Aatrox's voice in English All sounds are taken from the ingame voice over sound banks, Champion Selection voice is not in the video. Splash art is taken from in game as well. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Haven't got a LoL Account? Sign Up Here:
The new voice actor does not suit the new Aatrox, his Darkin theme or Aatrox in general! Listen up! First off he sounds russian, and he's using a voice enhancer like a 12yo kid that's trying to be cool in a video game like black ops voice chat. Secondly he talks rapidly and it's hard to quite understand what he's prattle about. It would also be great if riot were to stop reworking every Champion to look like a damn DRAGON!!! why did riot ruin his helm to look like Shyvanna and his Wings more like a dragon (Ctrl + C on Swain ult. Ctrl + V to Aatrox new ult). Aatrox new sword resembles Championship Riven now. _This is what Aatrox is now_ {{item:2421}}
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