Bugs in TFT

Anyone else experience your units just standing AFK "not because their is no place for them to stand and attack just stands AFK anyways" And that they do not count as alive when they are the last unit left. Or having ur units doing attacks that does not record any dmg? i seem to get a lot of bugs everytime i play TFT, afking units or doing no dmg with ults or autos, or warmongs not working even tho no one have red buff activaded on a char or morellos, it happens so often that it's noticeable. i know TFT is still in beta but really? And cursed blade and hush really needs a nerf, the % on the items are just to high and proccing a lvl 3 to lvl 0 in 4 bacis is just unfair, even if the person ur meeting is lucky. now i vented my rage and can go back to TFT

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