Permanently banned why?

So i just got permanently banned on my smurf account , and im asking why, legit these are the 2 games i had pop up when i logged in my acc, tell me did i flamed once? was that permanent ban worthy? riot why are u so %%%%ing butthurt ? this is a competetive %%%%ing game, one or two jokes/flames doesnt deserve to be perma ban? its a %%%%ing 5v5, ofc there is gonna be some heat now and then? lmao Game 1 Pre-Game promainia: bronze 3 promainia: u? promainia: haha promainia: noob promainia: rank there? promainia: me bronze sorry promainia: me pro promainia: gold is like bronze promainia: so im better promainia: ok? promainia: ty In-Game promainia: nice smurf garen promainia: ? promainia: Nice smurf bro promainia: Main rank? promainia: Stfu kid promainia: 49% win rate promainia: 49% win rate promainia: LMAO promainia: ty promainia: u promainia: 49% win rate u promainia: XDXDXDX promainia: nice math promainia: 49% win rate -1 lose is not 50% promainia: y promainia: agree promainia: ?? promainia: what smruf promainia: What smurf trundle promainia: soraka muted sorry promainia: benox promainia: i %%%% ur mom in 300 iq mode promainia: im 14 kid promainia: so? promainia: ur age? promainia: and silver player? promainia: ok promainia: FOR? promainia: nice buiuild draven promainia: np man promainia: Nami promainia: 49% win rate promainia: And me 85% promainia: XD promainia: platinum 4 with 1000 games? promainia: XD HARD STUCK promainia: BRO IM MASTER promainia: xd promainia: go check wooliter promainia: Euw promainia: dont add noobs promainia: with 49% win rate on silver promainia: XD promainia: Ok i add u promainia: in this acc? promainia: u play for my %%%% promainia: Thanks promainia: nice open miD promainia: XD LIAR promainia: y but he still will win 25 LP promainia: And victory promainia: so? promainia: I lose 4 and gain 30 promainia: XD promainia: NQMA MAMA NQMA TATI promainia: . promainia: asd promainia: hardstuck plat player promainia: 1000 games 50% win rate Game 2 In-Game promainia: help me pls promainia: i go afk if no help promainia: ? promainia: reported for promainia: stfu noob promainia: im not lcs promainia: MORE promainia: MORE promainia: MORE promainia: WARD MY RED promainia: i dont gank top btw go afk promainia: np promainia: why int promainia: ty for hgelp promainia: Aatrox why u do this bro promainia: btw im posting this video on riot support promainia: so i think its a perma xd promainia: good promainia: is ko promainia: we record promainia: he will get IP ban promainia: For this promainia: play promainia: gio play promainia: noob promainia: i get drake promainia: and press yes promainia: im base promainia: go end Post-Game promainia: report zed promainia: afk promainia: aatrox promainia: i repoprt u for ruining my game promainia: sorry
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