Zed AP counters

Usually i play Shyvana as he cant do shit agasint her its pretty funny. Talon is also a skills match up we usually get fed in other lanes rather than directly killing each other. Mana can be an issue tho Occasionally though the team needs AP and here is where i struggle. I tried Annie but he eventually gets ahead due to having sustain. I will eventually have to go back while he can stay in lane low and heal up all the while farming up Ziggs IS very risky. U have the range but if zed gets to you its usually game over. Fizz I just get poked out. I can negate some of his ult with troll poll but all in all his poke gets me low enough for him to finish me off In fact most melee ap mids I just get poked to fuck, so ekko and dianna i cant seem to get ahead Any suggestions are welcome
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