Did fair matchmaking die in Season 8?

So I've started to play ranked again a few days ago and I really start to think that the matchmaking is pretty unbalanced. It happens like every game that at least one player feeds super hard on his opponent because said opponent is way better and outplay him quite easy. (and because I am an bad luck brian most of the time the weaker player is in my team) Last season i was playing around platinum 2 and 4 most of the time and I lost games deserved because of my own mistakes. But now i am hardstuck at gold 1 loosing most of the time because of this matchmaking with at least one lane failing really hard and not because of my performance. I know you can say "lol play better noob then u are just boosted and belong to gold 1" but I just wanted to ask if you guys made the same expirience with this or is it just me? Would be Really happy to get some feedback or maybe tipps how to handle such situations ingame. Sorry for bad engrish and have a good day! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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