What is up with the toxic community?? Is there anything being done to these people?

So today I wanted to play normal games only to practise for the new ranked season.. I played 3 games just now and I am just to a point where I don't want to play anymore. Every single game, there was either someone on my team, the enemy team or both that just flame and flame and flame.. Going on about stuff that doesn't even make sense. It's like kids or people with no brains.. I am aware that I can mute everyone but damn, do I really need to do that EVERY game just to have a peaceful and fun game? I have been playing League since season 2, last season I climbed to gold witch has been my ultimate goal for League since the beginning. I have always been excited when it's weekend or holidays just to get a game started and enjoy myself, League was my go to game. Recently my experience has not been the same. I get to points where I don't even want to finish a game and just afk. I play normals to practice... but with the amount of flaming, toxicity, unfair matchmaking (after S8 update I find matchmaking in normal games horrible) and just overall negative and unfun games, it is nearly impossible to get better at this game and enjoy it. I know there is and will always be flamers and trolls, but getting 1 or 2 a week is ok, I can deal with that and even try to carry and win games like that.. But really, every single or second game!? Is it just a phase now the game is going through because it is the start of the season or am I just that unlucky? I don't care if I lose games, but losing a game without anything to learn so that I can improve on MY mistakes, just make me feel like it's a waste of time even playing League. Then I want to know, does this report system really work? If my team reports a 0/15 constantly flaming player, will anything happen to him? Will he just continue to the next game and waste other people's time? It sure seems so. I really love League and think it is a great game that STILL even after all these years has great potential to improve and get better. But recently I just don't find it fun anymore, I don't get excited anymore to enter a game. I love all the new content, patches, etc etc.. But I would rather have less new skins and champions but a better system to deal with flamers, trolls and toxic people.
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