A way to improve cleanse( if you are a rioter please read this)

Before reading this please keep i mind that it will be easyer for you to understand this post if you know what cleanse does. I will just write shortly what cleanse is but if you already know you can just scroll down. What is cleanse?: Cleanse is a summoner spell, that removes all slows, stuns, self CC and, attackspeed debuffs, silences, and snares. After you use cleanse it also reduces the duration of all of the above by 65%. My idea for cleanse: So cleanse is a summonerspell that is supposed to save you or make it easyer to catch up on kills because it removes a lot of CC. You name it. But people mostly use cleanse to save themselves. So i think that when you use cleanse it should give you 200-250% movement for 2-3 seconds. I think that this could be good beacause if you are a mage without any utilty and you dont have flash it would be hard to get out of for example a Vel'koz or a Ziggs ult. But you got the movement speed you would have a bigger chance of escaping. But beacause you get this huge amount of extra movementspeed the coldown should be higher( maybe 300-320 seconds). I think that if riot made cleanse do this it would do its job better(saving yourselffrom tricky situations). {{summoner:1}}
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