How do you explain champions who's average win rates drop with more games played ?

For champions like taliyah, players who first pick her up start with an average win rate of 52%, and the more games they play with her, the more games they win, up to 63% win rate for players with more than 200 games on her That's what I'd expect, the more games you play with a champ, the better you get and the higher the win ratio Yet that's not the case for most champs, take yi for example Yi players that just pick him up start with a 50.5% win rate, and after playing 50 games or so they reach a 55% win rate, but then no matter how many games they play more, the average win rate doesn't go any higher And that's about the case for the vast majority of champs out there, zed, kata, cassio etc etc And the reason for that is quite easy to understand, or at leat if my assumption isn't wrong, and I believe that it's simply because their skill cap is much faster to reach than for a few champions like taliyah But then comes the case for champions like annie, malphite or maokai where the average win rates starts of around the mid 50s like most champs, and then after 50 games the average win rate goes sky high, but then as more games are played the average win rate goes down dramatically Take the case of annie as an example : she starts of at 53.5% win rate, goes up to 57% win rate after 50 games, but then it goes down all the way to 54% win rate for players who played more than 200 games with her Is there an explanation to these case where the average win rate drops down considerably with more games played ?
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