"First time ranked EVER"

Hi everyone! This season after my placements (5W 5L) i got placed silver 4 (ahahahaha, i was mid-plat last season), and have had several teammates recently, for whom it was their FIRST RANKED GAME EVER. I'm no expert (well, after 5000 hours on this game I kind of could be but whatever), but in my humble opinion, a person playing ranked for the 1st time does NOT have a silver 1 level (yeah I'm in silver 1 now). So I was wondering: what the heck? Shouldn't the 1st ranked game for a person be with/against bronzes or something? Especially in the very beginning of the season, it's no fun for them, or for their teammates, to be playing with golds/plats... Not a rant btw, i'm genuinely curious to why the matchmaking algorithm would place place someone who has barely a few hundred hours on the game with people who have several thousand.
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