Any tips for ADC?

As an ADC, I'm trying to understand what you can do against champions like Jax/Yi etc who are able to dive you under turret and literally one shot you? 0/3 Jax with Low CS, could tower dive me and all-but 1 shot me. Then later on, he could literally E-Q onto me and 1 shot me. This was as Twitch, so why are these classes able to easily out damage ADC's especially when you and the turret are trying to damage him (using attack move click etc). Just had 2 games, 1 vs Yi and 1 vs Jax, both of which they both managed to secure a Penta, even when being behind early game. I just can't move without getting 1 shot by them, it seem's to take many, many auto's to do any damage to them.
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