Revert Modekaiser-Im gonna keep going until they say stop or ban or they do it

I will continue this lonely crusade to revert mordekaiser to his old self. **Reasons why Mordekaiser just sucks (in high elo. In low elo sure hes fine but do we want more noob stompers?)** 1 Micromanagement-What does the new mordekaiser do to improve on the old mordekaiser? In my opinion, he improves on him visually however gameplay wise I completely disagree. The new morde is this press E or Q then preceed with either E or Q depending on the first ability. Auto attack. Wait until your low. Press W. And if you have ult either you use it when you're ganked or you use it when you want to int your team fight. He is linear, his abilities are easy to dodge and he is a noob stomper. 2 Items-the new morde has the most fixed item path ive ever seen. Even Garren arguably a worse, boring and sheer simple character is more fun. Why? His PBE mini rework has made him able to use different items. Mordekaiser doesnt have this luxary. Every game is the same with mordekaiser. Build Lindaries or R crystal scepter. Boots then tank up. Building more ap makes you liable to simply being burst down. The old Morde had sheilds, crazy healing and damage. He was an AP juggernaut, this mordekaiser is an AP Tank. Also build QS and he is basically useless. What a wonderful thing. 3 Abilities-His abilities have long cool downs and are easy to dodge. His Q is slow and very easy to dodge,his W cannot be dodged just a bad sheild, at best its used in the heat of moment once and then 3 seconds later consumed for a minute(my-newt) amount of health. His E slow and easy to dodge with a long CD. Isnt it just plain to see that when you look at pro builds it is just conqueror with double domination heal runes? His abilities are just boring. You use them and then you have to wait. 4 Runes- Build conqueror with double healing or double resolve or you are trolling. 5 Roles-He goes top. Quite simply, he cant keep up with the damage. Put him with the other tanks in the toplane. Overall, I am butthurt. A character I played alot was changed to something I dont like. Of course Im going to constantly ask he should be reworked I am Biased. But even my bias cannot cover my eyes when I say, champions whose sole strength is players dont know how to play around them is bad for the game. Riven, a good Riven is vastly different from a bad Riven. A good Mordekaiser and a bad Mordekaiser is macro play. Team fights and early game concepts like CS. The old morde was micromanagement hell, you had your W which you saved for fights, his Q third bonk and charging it up on towers and his E which was just a poke. He hasnt got any of that play anymore his play style has been dummbed down. If you didnt play the old morde you probably cant understand but i think he was better.
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