Irelia Changes 8.15: Nerfs Again!

This is just a discussion about the further modifications to {{champion:39}} Irelia's kit. I've mained new Irelia since she was released. She's very similar to her pre rework self which is great. I have returned to lol after a break in Season 4 for about 4 years, a loooot has changed. Anyway, I abused the ridiculous AP ratios - not in ranked - while they were there, for the s@%* and giggles and it was funny, it was a ridiculously broken kit then, why not have a laugh. However it's just miserable getting bodied by just about everyone in the Top lane. In all honesty the hotfix was just terrible. Nerf her into oblivion because the vocal proportion of the community are wigging out over something that should have obviously been sorted pre release. As things go, it is always those more vocal who get heard, regardless of whether or not they're right... Firstly I'll praise the W flat rate of 50% damage reduction. It's one of the few changes that I'm willing to accept, along with the increase in her base stats 3 AD and 30 Health. The increased passive damage is great too. The mechanics with her passive are great, land abilities, get stacks, you are rewarded for landing abilities, carefully weaving in auto attacks while doing so. The range nerfs are understandable and I agree with those too. Arguably, players using her in mid have affected how the champ performs in top lane and it's just sickening how bad her laning phase is. The cooldowns on all of her abilities are longer than 10 seconds. It's not like she can spam her abilities, not to mention the fact that Corrupting pot is a necessity to be able to perform any combos. Her E has no scaling and that's fine, considering I've managed to stun 4 people at once with it, 0.75 is pretty decent for the stun duration. It's also telegraphed, it goes without saying that playing around a minion wave is going to make for better trades. It's easier to land the closer you are to the enemy laner and as such, you are rewarded for the risk of being where the action is. Her trading is pathetic, unless your opponent is recovering from a hangover or is a straight up noob to the role. This makes Resolve as secondary runes almost compulsary, I usually go Bone Plating and Second wind or Chrysalis. The only times I've been able to snowball are with help from my jungler. I have seen numerous performances like this in Korean Challenger videos as well. Basically her pre level 6 gameplay is lackluster to say the least. She on the squishy side - fair enough, she has disgusting gap closing ability - and unless your opponent makes absolutely rookie mistakes that you can punish you're going to have a hard time. The only criticisms I have of the changes this patch are that the Q damage is too low now. If anything that ratio ought to be bumped back up. If I'm gonna be dashing in towards my opponent shouldn't I at least be rewarded for the risk with reasonable damage?
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