Botlane dominance has driven me away from the game.

This is meant to be a complaint post. It's a year now that the boards are filled with them. If riot wants to start addressing the problem, they already got all the feedback they need. I just wanted to pop in to say that my game play experience has gone steadily downhill the past one year and half; this unsatisfaction is solely due to the excessive importance of botlane. **I think that is useful for Riot to have proof that their indecent balancing is effectively and actively pushing people to quit the game, even unwilling long time fans like me.** First, I reached the point where the game wasn't fun or fair from my point of view. I decided to keep playing hoping that the issues would be washed away by appropriate balancing actions. I endured that crap for a long time, but those changes never happened, so I reached the point when my patience was over and I just quit playing regularly. Right now I'm trying stay somewhat connected to the game, but this won't last forever. thanks
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