Tank vs AP and AD the difference

Why is it that tanks are strong, almost invincible vs AD champion before you get last wisper, so for about the first 20-30 minutes and most game end at 30 now. But tank vs AP are the most useless thing ever, because they do no damage? How is it fair that tank counters all ad champ and can easly 1 vs 1 even if the ad champ took the counter rune aka conqueror,its too weak you only get around 70 damage for the entire fight in early game, its less damage than grasp magic damage which also heals more and gives perma hp,not even adc can before lastwisper but magic res tank have to rely on the team and cant 1 vs 1 anyone. Why is it fair that and item that give 100 armor 60 mana 20% cdr and 200 dmg and aoe slow cost 2800 While an items that gives 60 mr,250 hp and a pretty useless in lane for most champ 40% healing cost Why do 3 of the big 5 armor items gives damage and the other 2 apply aoe debuff to everyone. While the only dmg item for the BIG 3(only 3 mr item for tanks) magic ressitem is abyssal and that is still only good if your team has alot of ap.
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