Can anyone enlighten me about pre-tweaked crit items.

So, I saw that Riot will change the crit items once again, and I want to know what stats Phantom Dancer for example, gave. So, the main argument I found as to why the new crit items are considered bad are, because you won't get enough crit from just 2 items, and that having 3 items is necessary. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ But to my knowledge, the old crit items also required 3 crit items to get to 100%. So people solved the issue with crit by going Stormrazor, one crit item of choice, and infinity edge, and the thing that I don't get is, why would you go Stormrazor, instead of just statikk into Infinity edge, getting you to 60% crit? Most ad carries scale very much into the late game, and that's where the majority of their damage comes from, so with all the damage that is in the game, and games being short, yes that way I can see why adc's would be in a bad position. But that is not to mention that with proper positioning in late game, they can actually pop off and put in a lot of work, unless they happen to meet an assassin after they've gone solo pushing in botlane. This is in no way or form me trying to rant over the adc class, or the crit items, I just personally never figured out why Stormrazor, and why the crit items are so bad, since I already forgot what they used to be, and I can't find any information about how the previous crit items worked, the only thing I remember is IE giving crit. As it is now, the crit items will be: Crit items at +25%, IE crit +25% This means that if you go with IE and another crit item, you will have less crit than before.
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