Question about warwick I just played this game where I did almost no damage. I also only ganked about 4 or 5 times in the entire match, but this is insane. Lower then Janna. I feel like I can't really fight enemies as they run away from me so easily. On top of that my attack speed is insanely low but I did a lot of research on this champion and I found that building attack speed isn't very populair. Which means people are doing better then me on him (probably) without extra attack speed. Although I do run attack speed runes and get some from masteries. What I did do though is counter jungle the enemy, took his buffs often, and other camps. I basically pressured them, just walking up to the enemy where they blew ults and summoners in panic. So, in a way, I contributed a lot, but actually fighting? I barely did so. Any warwick players who would like to share some tips?
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