Asking people to not be toxic instead of asking the stupid to stop being dumb.

Honestly Riot. If you expect me to play with idiots like these and not throw a fit over it, I think you have a problem with figuring out why your community is so toxic. You'll have unranked morons like these who you'll match with me in my ranked games Instead of matching these unranked people with other unranked people, and then ask the community why some people flame the idiots who will NOT listen to you in game, NOT want to play safe, NOT take the time to understand their champ, but WILL rush into the opponent 1v3 like they're gonna make some LCS big plays over and over again without any shame about the fact that they are ruining people's games. I think it's high time you guys get your matchmaking right and start matching people in their own division or those who are unranked with other unranked players. You guys are not only making things difficult for those who try to win the game but also for those people who are new and haven't evolved past the stage of the monkey by throwing them in an environment where they will not be able to hold their own and rightfully be the target of early toxicity from those actually having their games ruined. P.S - I wasn't toxic to this guy but a few of my teammates were and I don't mind it one bit. New players like these have little idea on how to play the game and as much as I don't mind new players I do mind numb headed idiots who will not listen to your advice when you tell them to not gank an opponent a level and an item above them. Stop pushing a person who doesn't know how to swim into the water and expect them to not get others worried.
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