Riot, stop saying "soon", we want real answers

How to rank up in the 2017 season
which begins in 2016. This season we're doing a lot of new things, including moving the start date forward a month, letting you exclude your least-favorite position, introducing two separate ranked ladders (three if you count Twisted Treeline), and giving ongoing updates on queue health for 2017.
You already didn't keep your word, like you have always done, and fixed your "mistake" giving a new release date for solo queue: "soon". Now, i'm not here to complain at all, since this is a free to play game and there is no LUA that binds you in any way, but think for a second on what are you doing.. I think you understood, at this point, that flex queue is by all considered a useless-for-boosts-only queue, and people STOPPED playing league because they don't see the reason of wasting their time in a queue that won't be played by anyone anyways. Im not speaking about "amatorial" players, obviously, but about competitive and wanna-be competitive player, who represent the biggest slice of your community. Give us a date, or a range of dates, stop saying "soon", this just upsets people making them feeling flouted. I still have some love for you in my hearth, dont waste it!
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