Anyone getting sick of ARURF? I don't think I can continue presently unless player feedback is heard

As a concept, I like the idea of URF being a rotational game-mode but the one thing I cannot stand about the new iteration (All Random URF) is that I don't get to see the champions I WANT to play. When I heard about the new event coming a few weeks back I was eager to start playing and progressing missions for tokens so I could perhaps unlock one of the gold chromas or perhaps one of the orbs. Naturally however, I was sceptical about the whole event knowing fully well that the previous URF event had removed the free picks system and sooner or later I'd probably get annoyed at constantly getting all the champions I didn't want to play but decided regardless that the missions would give me motivation to carry on playing during this event. But now after several weeks of rubbish RNG I have reached my limit with this game-mode and have no further incentive to play this game, at least not at the moment. I cannot describe how unfathomably irritating it is to constantly see members of the opposite team being rewarded with assassins or mages or CC heavy tanks/supports they already play with, when in the meantime I get to see my main ONCE out of 65 games and other fighters I'm good with less often than that most of the time. It truly is demoralising and soul-rending to me that I can't just leap on and play one game with who I want, when I want and instead get rewarded with marksmen and mages that frankly - whilst others would relish playing - I despise playing. I much prefer fighters as my play style in league, yet I hardly see them. I hoped the developers would eventually realise situations like this have become a significant problem currently. I also hoped that this would potentially be addressed sooner rather than later. However, that looks increasingly unlikely. I am aware, and more importantly understand that in the past, there have been high tendencies for players to pick from specific champions given both their popularity and their ease of getting ahead quickly in the game-mode, but I gotta ask: _What is the point of having URF as a game-mode if some of the player-base don't agree with the actions that the developers have taken both presently and in the past?_ It baffles my mind that the developers haven't sat back and said: "Hmm, well clearly we've upset the players who still want to play specific champions during this event but have also eased some of that tension with players who are satisfied with everything being randomised like ARAM. Yet everything is a little messed up right now and there's a lot of unrest with the community as a whole. Is there a way we can meet midway and have a compromise so that everyone gets a little of what they want?" This is the one thing that has baffled me time and time again. I have seen the numerous posts on these forums from disgruntled fans who have bashed the newer iterations of URF but it seems that despite these arguments and unsatisfied opinions coming from other players I'm starting to wonder: does Riot Games (and excuse my language here) actually give a F*** about what's the best or perhaps the more favourable design choice for it's game at the best of times? I don't want to go on a rant here but if the old business saying "the customer is always right" applies to most businesses and organisations in today's day and age, then isn't it time that the developers starting considering our own inputs and opinions rather than doing what they feel is right? The current direction this game is going in some places feels sided. As if the developers are only interested in what they and a few select others feel needs to change, rather than what a moderately sized group of fans think. I'm not saying that they need to listen to _every_ bronze/silver players concerns (I believe there's been a common stereotype for lower ranked players constantly whining/complaining and that they don't deserve to be heard according to those higher up the ranked ladder. Apparently.) but I think it's high time that the developers took time to consider other opinions from the player base as a whole. Perhaps it's now time that the developers took heed of what certain player groups actually want or would like to see improved in certain areas, so that particular players don't feel like their constantly getting shafted. i.e the marksman crit items being reverted could've happened fairly sooner in the eyes of some. In other words, if people really REALLY don't like something then maybe try an experimental change on their behalf to see what does and doesn't work. Again, URF isn't the core experience of what League of Legends is as a MOBA, but it nevertheless is still liable to fair and honest criticism (and in some cases, severe backlash) which if ignored can leave some players feeling completely ignored and unheard, which in turn doesn't reflect well on the developers. This is something I sincerely hope going forward changes because I think it's gone on for far too long. Going back to URF as an example, I feel like I've been left with no choice but to stop playing the game until the URF event finishes because all I do currently is flame others in most URF matches, all because I'm stuck with some champion I don't play nor want to play, and that in turn leads me to getting irritated and angry at either the enemy who constantly pulls ahead and proceeds to taunt me at every opportunity, OR my team which as a result of my "feeding" and "lack of skill" leads me to respond the same way. And all of this could be avoided if I had the option to choose that specific champion I really want to play. Not because they are especially powerful in URF but simply because I WANT to play that champion. Granted, if I had that option, I would still likely get irritated - albeit on a much lesser scale - at having to deal with inconveniences like perma-stealth or hourglass spam, but at least I'd be playing MY champions and as a result would likely be having much more fun than I am currently. Until that happens though, I'm taking a break because I genuinely fear that I'm going to be hit by another strike at some point. (Side tracking for a moment, I got my first suspension for two weeks last season which was a real kick in the gut and naturally I felt like crap afterwards. Thankfully, I've done a seemingly good run of significantly reeling in my frustrations and anger in game and slowly raising my honor ranking back up overtime. I even took to keeping All-chat permanently disabled, but lately all that hard work is being undone. I'm doing everything in my power to resist flaming so excessively and needlessly. I really don't want to get hit with a permanent ban just because I can't have fun in a rotating game mode this season.) Until minor and major issues like these are addressed and reasonably discussed with us by the developers (who I hope will be much more vocal and transparent with us as players going forward) I feel as though League of Legends is ever so slowly losing that feel good factor when it comes to playing the game. At least, it does for me _personally_. That's just my opinion. P.S Thought I'd add this because I'm simply curious as to what others are thinking at this current time regarding the state of Ultra Rapid Fire: are you satisfied with the randomness of the champion choice you are given? Or are you getting agitated in that you wish to play a specific type of champion or class of champion that you rarely see in the champion select lobby? Perhaps you have your own thoughts and ideas that could make URF more appealing or even more randomised? Like I said, I'm curious to see what others are thinking so if you've got something to add, then comment below. I don't expect loads of posts but perhaps a few responses would be interesting to say the least.
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