Vayne overpowered

Early 1 cares even lee sucks late hard still nerfed..Can you explain me why this trash champ {{champion:67}} does truth dmg..and can become invizible???I mean already 1 shots ppl with 3 attack..and even 0 9 if she gets 3 items adio...Why the %%%% you delete pink ward to see invizible enemy..Vayne can 1v1 even a %%%%ing assasin.Truth dmg so armor dont count...and 3 atack always a big one with a crit...she can reach even 800 dmg.. Dont nerf her ok..but at least buff skilled champs back too no??{{champion:238}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:268}} etc...You buffed {{champion:164}} and now renga ris coming at least thats ive heard buff on rengar...LEGIT RITO LEGIT.
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