Got myself intentionally banned after a mental breakdown caused by 2 things

{{champion:518}} {{champion:555}} After playing 2-3 games against these 2 same craps I decided that I will just tell everyone to commit you know what and get myself banned... Let's look at this wonderful champion designs {{champion:518}} - Can appear in front of you as someone completely different - High Burst - E goes through minions - Basic attack damage and range is a joke - Can cast her ultimate invisibly... - The best part / Imagine Shaco and Neeko - Neeko transforms to Shaco, Shaco uses his R, Neeko uses her W... what happens ? Yes the usual 4 Shaco's like 2 were not enough... {{champion:555}} I remember a few tips against this champion - "Don't let him get away from your vision field" Oh okay man thanks for the tip It's not like he can go under his turret... I'll just towerdive him so he doesn't get out of my vision field how stupid it can be, and yeah he totally doesn't have an ability that makes him invisible... My favourite part about playing against this champion is the "trade" part, where you 2 trade some damage and get low until he decides to use his passive which 100% doesn't let him heal all the damage he took from the trade, hahaha at least he cannot build health tho amazing... His Ultimate is an execute that resets and gives 300G to your ally that "assisted" you for the kill, I have a question does his "your cut" thing give you 300G even If the killed enemy is worth 50G... because If that's the case, It is amazing... The other amazing thing about playing against this champion is the safety, talk about LeBlanc please... Ultimate that resets and Q W E abilities on max 6 seconds cooldown spamming abilities going in and out goes in with E get's out with W, goes in with W gets out with E... I understand that you guys are trying to add new things to the game and keep us entertained but I don't think everyone enjoys this... Just look at the newest releases you always screw it up... first was Zoe then Pyke, Now Neeko what is next ? A champion that is ranged, has more range than Caitlyn and Annie combined with the damage of Jhin's Last Shot on every auto attack with LeBlanc and Riven's mobility, execute like Darius and Pyke's and sustain like Garen ? I just can't wait to see the new champion you will be releasing I bet he will be even more cancerous.....
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