This game used to be about strategy, now it's slowly turning into a permanent URF mode

And that really makes me sad. The overall damage is at an all time high and normal summoner rift's games are starting to feel like URF games, with people having crazy high burst damage and low cooldowns. It's just a total fiesta all the time. Non-stop skirmishing because otherwise all your potential damage goes to waste. And let's not forget that this pretty much pushed out all the utility supports out of any other elo that isn't Master+, because fk teamwork in low elo, right? Might as well disable any champion that requires teamwork to shine, because that's what we're seeing right now. I'm starting to get really sick of this. This is not the game that I was used to playing 1-2 years ago and all this damage is making me pull my hair out. What have you done to this game, Riot? What is the intent of all of this? EDIT: The problem is that RIOT is convinced that people enjoy this more than the game we used to have and they also want the pro games to be shorter and attract more people, because the average person has a shorter attention span each year.
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